Advice for the long days of self-isolation and social distancing

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Advice for the long days of self-isolation and social distancing

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From today's daily Diocesan Task Group briefing.

Think about what you need to stay well when social distancing, particularly if you live on your own.

* Establish a new daily routine – life will not be the same for several weeks.

* Balance your weekly routine and have a good mix of activities: prayer, phone calls, reading, relaxation, and rest

* Think about which regular activities are most important to you and think of ways you can do them at home or remotely. For example, if you enjoy seeing people socially, set up regular online meetings with good friends that happen at the time you would normally socialise. If it is not possible then think of other activities that will feed your spirit.

* Set daily goals that can provide you with a sense of purpose and achievement. Be realistic but see this time as an opportunity to do things you might not do otherwise.

* Identify the triggers that make you feel low and look for ways to manage them.

* Talk with family, friends, neighbours and those you trust about what will help you stay well and positive. Ask them to tell you if they are getting worried about you and agree what steps you will take if needed.

* Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat and drink healthily. Drink plenty of water each day. Adhere to the government guidance on the amount of alcohol that it is safe to consume each week. (NHS advice is less than 14 units a week, which is 6 pints of average strength beer or 10 small glasses of low strength wine. They also advise at least three alcohol-free days).

* Avoid staying still for too long. Go for walk, work in the garden, do some indoor exercise every day.

* Have a good sleep routine

* Keep in touch. Make sure you speak to someone every day for yourself.

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